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With shades of Hitchcock's Rebecca, Dragonwyck is a lushly Gothic melodrama; abound with themes of social class; centring on the struggle between the rich and the poor in nineteenth century America. The most striking thing about Dragonwyck is the beauty... Full review
I'm in love with Gene Tierney....AND Vincent Price!
Oct 04, 2005
Coventry - imdb.com
With "Laura" being my all-time favorite film, I simply couldn't wait to watch "Dragonwyck", a movie that reunites Gene Tierney and Vincent Price once more, this time in a genuine Gothic setting! And although not as mesmerizing as "Laura" (that's... Full review
Dragonwyck an excellent movie
Jul 28, 2005
Elaine - imdb.com
This is one of my favorite "gothic" romance movies of the 40s. There is a haunting melody throughout and it captures the tragedy and mystery that is Dragonwyck. Gene Tierney is wonderful in the starring role of Miranda, going from... Full review
moody film
Jun 27, 2005
blanche-2 - imdb.com
Anya Seton is one of the great historical fiction writers, up there with Thomas Costain. Like my favorite novel of hers, Green Darkness, Dragonwyck is a moody, atmospheric piece set in another time, and the film version (with nice help... Full review
Gothic atmosphere and Price's presence prevail
Dec 26, 2004
tayandbay - imdb.com
Although "Dragonwyck" is not a perfect film (one could quibble regarding it's over-long length), it certainly succeeds as a showcase for period atmosphere and melodrama. Gene Tierney is pretty successful in projecting a character who evolves from a wide-eyed innocent... Full review
"Bow to the Patroon!"
Apr 21, 2004
theowinthrop - imdb.com
At the time that the people of the United States were gearing up for Westward Expansion (and the Mexican War was about to begin), and when the clipper ships were beginning to revolutionize our merchant marine, the biggest problem facing... Full review
Chilling film that leaves you wanting more!
Jul 21, 2000
Em-20 - imdb.com
Gene Tierney is invited to stay with Vincent Price and his family at the Dragonwyck castle. When she arrives she is enamored by the new lifestyle in which she will live. Mysterious things begin to stir within the family. Price... Full review
An evocative atmosphere of a Hawthorne's tale
May 07, 2000
pzanardo - imdb.com
"Dragonwyck" has the atmosphere of a Hawthorne's tale. Typical is the contrast between the clean, blessed New England farm where Miranda (Gene Tierney) lives with her parents, and the bleak, doomed ancient manor where she goes and later marries the... Full review
Good thriller
Jul 29, 1999
Rosabel - imdb.com
This is a rare case where the movie adaptation is more enjoyable than the novel it was based on. I liked Vincent Price immensely in this movie; he is creepy yet seductive, and I can readily imagine a young woman... Full review
Enjoyable gothic
Jun 12, 1999
Oriel - imdb.com
As a fan of both Gene Tierney and Vincent Price, I eagerly sought this film for years before happening upon a broadcast. Since it, most unfortunately, still isn't available on video, I was forced to depend upon network whims. Since... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Sep 29, 2008
a wonderful scene that would have made for quite a spectacular climax to the movie....my own favorite pictures....Joe was a very good director.....Well, in the book Dragonwyck , Anya Seton quotes the Poe poem Alone in her preface..... ... Full Review

Channel 4 Film
Of these, few are as much fun as Dragonwyck , a superb haunted house movie featuring great work from Gene Tierney and Vincent Price.....Right up there with Rebecca and Uncle Silas in the spooky mansion stakes, Dragonwyck is almost impossibly entertaining..... ... Full Review


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