Dawn of the Dead


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User Reviews

AS GOOD AS ORGINAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mar 03, 2008
acdcrocker69 - yahoo.com
The old Dawn was pure geniouse it was the best movie of all time i mean the best zombie movie of all time because its not like any other teen slasher zombie movie it had plot symbolizim and good actors it... Full review
Totally ignore the first reviewer.
Mar 01, 2008
sonicdeathtony - yahoo.com
Cody Banks... that should tell you all you need to know about that persons world. Anyway, Dawn of the Dead...just finished watching the midnight showing at Universal Studios and I can some up the movie in one word - SWEET!! You... Full review
Jan 18, 2008
lennox129 - yahoo.com
One of the Worst Zombie Movies Period.
Aug 22, 2007
parden4 - yahoo.com
I was so disappointed with the movie because I've seen the original and I was expecting about the same level. Well I was totally wrong. I guess I kinda bought into how entertaining the movie was at the beginning but as... Full review
Rent the original!
Aug 14, 2007
onefootputt - yahoo.com
Well, fans....this review is coming from someone that actually watched them film the original back in suburban Pittsburgh in 1978.....so I may be a tad biased to the original. I rarely find remakes that can hold a candle to the original,... Full review
Not as good as original, but better than most.
May 06, 2007
jimmyt1967 - yahoo.com
If you are a fan of balls-out gory horror, you will love this flick. If you don't, you won't. I love the original classic, it's one of my all time favorites, and to be honest, when I heard it was being... Full review
Zombie Movie Magic
Dec 08, 2006
lewster14 - yahoo.com
First off, let me tell you that I do not remember the last time that I enjoyed a movie this much. Director Zack Snyder, who I am not to familiar with did a fine job. I think that this movie is... Full review
Nov 06, 2006
yanaway17 - yahoo.com
Wow, I had nothing to do the other night and I was talked in to seeing this movie and I regret wasting 7$. I expected this movie to be scarry, well it was for the first 10 minutes, then it was... Full review
A poor remake.
Nov 01, 2006
cameron_ben - yahoo.com
The effects were better, but the story was lacking the detail of the original. So much more could have been done.... Full review
This movie was very entertaining......
Sep 28, 2006
matthew7343 - yahoo.com
It did have a few of the classic cliche's but overall it was really cool. You got to love the headshots. enough said... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Dec 10, 2008
Overall this is a great zombie movie, horror movie or just plain great movie. Some bad points to "Dawn Of The Dead" was some erratic editing that I cannot believe will not be cleaned up by time the picture is released in a few days. ... Full Review
| Oct 06, 2008
Just as any good horror film should, Dawn of the Dead exists in a world of shadows and pale light. Eventually Ana meets a group of strangers (Ving Rhames, Jake Weber, Mekhi Phifer, Inna Korobkina) and, just as in the original Dawn of the Dead, they all seek sanctuary in the safest place they can find -- a shopping mall (appropriate named the "Crossroads Mall"). ... Full Review
| Sep 30, 2008
DVD Talk
Snyder's tone for the film is bleak and serious, but "Dawn Final Thoughts : "Dawn of the Dead" was a surprise, offering a lot of tension and suspense, as well as a few good scares. The casting is uniformly excellent, as are the performances. ... Full Review
| Sep 04, 2008
Urban Cinefile
Snappily paced and distinguished by some impressive action scenes staged by commercials director Zack Snyder, Dawn Of The Dead is at least a competent and occasionally eye-catching excursion into horror. Romero's tightly controlled four-character piece served the story far better and provided an emotional dimension to the drama that barely registers here. ... Full Review
| Aug 01, 2008
Boxoffice Magazine
A likable acting ensemble and generous helpings of post-9/11 self-sacrificing heroism keep a surprisingly strong human element going despite the grisly nature of the proceedings. The good news for fans of the mindless flesh-eaters is that the reworked "Dawn," while a far more generic piece of entertainment in many ways, still delivers a pretty mean bite as a gross-out/action shockfest. ... Full Review


Although he's responsible for helming the "Dawn of the Dead" reboot, filmmaker Zack Snyder's considerable talents have been somewhat limited by the fact that all of his films are based on someone else's material - until now. ... Full Article

November 29, 2006 - Attention, earthlings! IGN Movies has taken it upon itself to rank the "Top 25 Movie Franchises of All Time." We will count down from No. 25 to No. 1 each day for the next 25 days. ... Full Article

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