Cold Creek Manor


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User Reviews

Simply stunning
Apr 23, 2008
tleary33 -
This edge-of-your-seat thriller is not only one of the best movies of the year, but quite possibly of modern cinema. Not since Eastwood's Unforgiven has human emotion been so accurately analyzed and deftly depicted on screen. This is not only a... Full review
I gave it a little extra
Mar 10, 2008
nofur98 -
This movie when I rated it was averaging a C-. However, I thought it deserved a little more than that. I dont feel it was as slow as people rated it. Also, It had a nice steady flow. Nothing spectacular, nothing... Full review
Oct 18, 2007
allisonree2007 -
The movie was thrilling and exciting at points. Makes you jump out of your seat at some of those points. It'll keep you guessing for more.... Full review
Cold Cocked--No Manners
Sep 28, 2007
t.kirby -
I heard this film was a throwback to the creepy TV films of the early 70's. Well, the TV movie part was right on the money...the script might as well have been written by a ten year old, and the acting... Full review
Rated M For Mediocre.
Aug 20, 2007
zachsuarez1994 -
This Movie Was So boring, I Can't Believe I Was Dying To See This, but, Waht A Silly Movie. I Wasted My Dad's Money.... Full review
Classic Mystery/Thriller
Jul 06, 2007
devilboy132000 -
You should really go see this movie. Forget what the dumbass critics say. They are stupid and they can't tell what a good movie is. Along with the powerful performances comes a good sharp script and great visuals. Cold Creek Manor... Full review
It really wasn't that bad
Apr 20, 2007
kimbo_dee -
Although the movie wasn't as scary as the preview would lead you to believe, the movie itself really wasn't all that bad. I went into the movie without any expectations, and I was satisfied when I left the theater. I watch... Full review
Nov 22, 2006
snoopyoops23 -
This movie is very creepy. It brings you along and keps you in suspense and guessing the entire time. It is very good and really holds your interest. The ending is the best part.... Full review
2.5 out of 5
Nov 19, 2006
tiggerandtaz2000 -
Suspense thriller about a crazy guy who wants his house back, and he'll do anything to achieve his sleazy goal. This movie is kinda dumb overall. There are some suspenseful moments, but it's mostly brain-damaging.... Full review
Real Horror....
Oct 22, 2006
phlp_kramer -
The Thing about this movie is that its not tottally fake horror. It Begins as a typical family moving into the country. Pretictable horror story huh? Well your thoughts of a dead ruthless killere is over. The father of the family... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Jul 09, 2004
That Mike Figgis should down experimental tools to knock out such an identikit thriller is puzzling. Figgis proves as articulate as ever in his directors commentary, while seven deleted scenes and a bizarre alternate ending spike the interest. ... Full Review
| Mar 25, 2004
Houston Chronicle
Even if we ignore the reactionary subtext, Cold Creek Manor is only half good. The movie predictably falls apart near the end. Quaid almost always gives quietly powerful performances. Unlike Cooper, Leah (Sharon Stone) is cool, in command. ... Full Review
| Feb 26, 2004
DVD Town
But this is nothing like a good haunted-house movie.....The characters are no better off than the script....To corrupt a line from "Mary Poppins," I always say there's nothing like a good haunted-house movie..... ... Full Review
| Feb 26, 2004
DVD Town
But this is nothing like a good haunted-house movie. Send to a friend To corrupt a line from "Mary Poppins," I always say there's nothing like a good haunted-house movie. Cold Creek Manor [Special Edition] ... Full Review
| Feb 23, 2004
DVD Talk
by far, it's the movie's most glaring flaw. Let's cut to the chase here: Cold Creek Manor is half-thriller and half-drama, although neither half is as fresh and original as I was hoping for. Though I didn't care for some of the characters ... Full Review


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