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"Shake It To The Left, Shake It To The Right"
Sep 26, 2008
bkoganbing -
God only knows in my lifetime I've dealt with a lot of bartenders, I still do now when I go in a place and only order non-alcoholic beverage. But unless it was a topless joint where the bartenders were required to... Full review
Nov 15, 2007
jeffreydouglassmith -
Great movie, great cast one of the best movies Tom has been in ...I've watched in over 100 times, still waiting for Cocktail 2...... Full review
Did anyone else see Cuba Gooding Jr. in this?
Nov 15, 2007
kibbi -
Changing channels I caught this movie after it started...I swear there is a 10/11 yr old Cuba Gooding Jr as an extra looking over Tom's shoulder as they are putting some sick or drunk lady on a bed/stretcher to rest. Maybe... Full review
Jul 14, 2007
jashleysoto_11 -
Tom is always sexy and talented and he is not letting you down in this film.Cocktail is charming and cute and Tom and Elizabeth Shue have great chemistry.This is a guilty pleasure of mine.... Full review
Cocktails and dreams
Jul 08, 2007
romalyn0828 -
A very well written, acted and directed movie. The plot is what the title suggests. There is no short cuts in life. Money can't buy everything, not even happiness and dreams. Outstanding crew.... Full review
Cruise on the House
May 26, 2007
tracyterrymalibu -
Tom Cruise is a bartender all the chicks in New York City go ga-ga over when he flips liquor bottles into the air spilling bourbon on anyone within five feet.... Full review
Dec 20, 2006
codyaskme -
not alot of people would probley like this movie but i thought it was a good movie and tom cruise delivers in this one . i thought the chemistry between shue and cruise was great. i think if u have not... Full review
Nov 04, 2006
devine1905 -
I don't know why but I love this movie, its on tv all the time and i think i watch it pretty much everytime its on. Most of the people I know think its a terrible movie but I think its... Full review
Lesson Bee
Jun 05, 2006
velvet_lashes_angel_kisses -
Very well for a well taught lesson learned. Good job on all the subjects a guy like that could muster.... Full review
It has everything!!!
May 05, 2006
george george -
This movie makes you relax, makes you want to travel, to have fun. It is one of the best movies i have ever seen. Drinks, women, friendship, drama, it has everything. I recommend you watch it right before you go... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Aug 28, 2008
The Land of Eric
One of them is definitely more famous now for acting than for music, while the other could be argued either way (but I'd lean toward acting). A fourth cast member was in a famous Oscar-winning movie ... Full Review
| Aug 13, 2002
DVD Talk
Summary: Cocktail no doubt holds a certain amount of appeal for fans of Tom Cruise, and while the film is certainly far from his best work, it does have a few enjoyable moments. Cocktail is fluff, though it does manage to be mostly entertaining for several reasons: the music, the bar tricks, and Tom Cruise. ... Full Review
| Oct 03, 1999
I mean, movies don't get much worse than the eighties he was just plain old funny looking.....Cocktail" is an abrasive little flick about a guy who does it all for the nookie.... ... Full Review
Tom Cruise thinks he's so fucking good. And then Elisabeth Shue comes along and it gets all soppy and stupid. But Tom doesn't like to share and goes a little postal, fleeing to Jamaica. ... Full Review

Chicago Sun-Times
The first part of the movie works the best. The movie's most interesting character is the older bartender, superbly played by Brown, who never has a false moment. And that's another area this movie knows little about: the actual effects of drinking. ... Full Review


Every once in awhile, Hollywood seems bent on eradicating a certain talent's film career via remakes of all that person's work. We've seen it happen to John Carpenter, who is being made all but obsolete with released or reported plans... ... Full Article

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