Cinderella Man


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User Reviews

A Very good and inspiring movie
Jan 22, 2009
NewHampSwing -
We rented this at our local library and were very pleased with it. It is a very good film with solid acting and excellent time period visuals. The story is true and it is very inspirational.... Full review
Cinderella Man
Dec 21, 2008
thejoker10110 -
Cinderella Man is inspirational and really good. The story is really good, and so is the acting. It seems that most sports movies based on true stories are excellent.... Full review
cinderella man
Oct 22, 2008
saad20051989 -
a great,meticulous description to the situations in that time with costumes designing or the riveting impressive script and as usual Russel convince us in his role to be so commited to a broken man and superhero in the same time which... Full review
Best Ever
Sep 20, 2008
roshelly93 -
I love this movie!! It is the best movie I have ver questions asked...hands is the best!!! I love it...... Full review
its so good
Sep 12, 2008
eddie_izwan -
this movie is inspire me and giving me strenght to overcome all the problem in life. strong acting from the actors make this movie so alive and so great to watch.and somemore its base on true story of james j, braddok... Full review
Cinderella Man
Jun 29, 2008
d.santini -
Whilst I am not into boxing - I felt compelled to watch this film. This story being based on true facts. Russell Crowe is one of my favourite actors. I went along with my partner and was pleasantly surprised with the... Full review
A 'Cinderella perfect' movie
Jun 20, 2008
taranicole999 -
Indeed the title says all. I don't know why this movie gets to me so much but the epic drama of the depression put together with the intensity of the boxing with the addition of fmily strength and true love. This... Full review
Great movie Great characters
May 24, 2008
thomishere -
It's very rare that a movie captures feelings, action and images to envelop your senses like a great novel. Finally, a Movie worth seeing this spring. Russell Crowe, Paul Giamati (snubbed on an Oscar nomination for Sideways) and Renee Zellweger under... Full review
Ron Howard scores a knockout
Mar 20, 2008
aguysname -
This movie was very well done, with great acting and direction from Russell Crowe, Renee Z, and Paul Giammati. The tone is far more upbeat and positive than the much awarded Million Dollar Baby from the previous year. It has more... Full review
Crowe & Giamatti Were Great
Mar 08, 2008
jmac33208 -
Russell Crowe, Paul Giamatti, Renee Zellweger & Bruce McGill star in this Great movie. Russell Crowe and Paul Giamatti should have both won awards for their roles in this movie. They were both excellent. Renee was good not great. I'm not... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Sep 12, 2009
Cinderella Man (Price: $9.98)Cinderella Man is a wonderful movie, directed by Ron Howard.....5 Sports Movies You'd Be a Fool Not realize there are five awesome sports movies....After getting kicked out of the league for several poor performances, Braddock's family seemed doomed for failure.....In no particular order, here are five really great sports movies you need to check out!.... ... Full Review
| Jun 04, 2009, NY
the character makes for some fine film watching.....If you're looking for the angry Russell Crowe, he won't be found here.....It helps that Cinderella Man captivates from beginning to end.....The video could have been slightly better, but don't let that deter you from adding this great film to your Blu-ray collection.....Whether it was the tabloids or the talent, the film received few nominations..... ... Full Review
| May 26, 2009
Premiere Magazine
An uplifting story, with some great boxing action, that is undone by director Ron Howard's corniness.....Even though it takes place during the 30s when America was really in the crapper, Howard make a sharp and beautiful looking film..... ... Full Review
| Sep 18, 2008
Urban Cinefile
Now, particularly given the positive Venice reception, Crowe is confident the film will do better overseas. It's been the same experience I had with Ron on Cinderella Man, starting from this deeply resonant point of friendship where we don't tiptoe around each other. ... Full Review
| Aug 28, 2008
Urban Cinefile
Paul Giamatti is truly marvellous as Braddock's loud-mouth manager Joe ('they should put your mouth in a circus'), who throws nearly as many punches in the air as his charge does in the ring. All the elements are spot on - an intelligent script, beautiful cinematography, exquisite production design and an unintrusive, yet powerful score. ... Full Review


Script Shepherd struck gold on his first try. The first time the 25-year-old producer/performer got one of his tracks on an album was also the first time he got to sing a guest hook on an album. ... Full Article

O.o........WOW it's Russell Croowe imo one of the best actors......ever..... Ever hear of "A Beautiful Mind" about "Gladiator"....or maybe "Cinderella Man" all 3 epic movies that will be future classics. ... Full Article

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