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best movie award
Jan 14, 2009
shalena_jordan -
This movie is the ***** becuz its tight like dat. it is a cool movie dude my brothers watch it everyday after school its like they wanna be an actor in it. but i guess you should buy it... Full review
Good Pixar Film
Jan 05, 2009
bigshialabeouffan -
This movie is good and it was better than I expected. The story is decent as well as the acting. The direction is well planned and the visuals are superb. Overall, this is recommended. =]... Full review
The Best Film Ever.......No joke!!!!!!
Dec 19, 2008
brbc -
Some think its childish.Some think its boring. But for me its out of this world!!! Maiter is the funny,LOL!! To Not To. My name is maiter, like tomaiter except without the T!!! Thats just a glimse of his funnniness. The... Full review
it has 2 things going on there
Dec 13, 2008
blackhrt81 -
it was trying to tell a story & give a message very strongly. but that basically it. the animation is nice. the voice actors did a great job & it keeps you watching all the way till the end. that is... Full review
Dec 10, 2008
nicoyaforever -
This movie is very cute. The story is not as good as Finding Nemo or the Lion King, but the visual effects, plus the novel concept of cars as people make this a great kid movie. This is the only movie... Full review
Dec 07, 2008
rcunlimited -
Cars was in my mind one of the best movies of 2006, and the best film by Disney and Pixar to date. The hot shot Lightning McQueen getting lost is a classic storyline like "Doc Hollywood" he learns an important lesson... Full review
best animated movie of 2006
Nov 27, 2008
gamesml -
Now i saw alot of good animated movies in 2006 but CARS was definetly the best.I saw Happy Feet too and it was good but it did not deserve in award in the academy awards.I just think CARS is much better... Full review
Wonderful family/animated film!
Oct 15, 2008
cosmo_730 -
Probably on my top 5 list for animated films! Definintely worth renting or buying! It was a wonderful movie for all ages, young and old alike. A truly unique and memorable storyline.... Full review
Unlike any other!
Sep 27, 2008
thumpersbaby06 -
I really enjoyed this movie. It was unlike any other Disney Pixar movie.It was an eye catcher for the kids. We all enjoyed it very much!... Full review
Unbelieveable... :D
Sep 16, 2008
alwaysneedmusic -
This movie was so enspiring (sp?) and amazingly memorable and wonderful. The message in the movie and the theme and such was so, amazing and it was just a wonderful movie. It deffinatly is a piece of artwork. Can't wait to... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Jun 24, 2010
Is 'Cars 2' In Trouble?....Cars 2 may be a similar stroke of genius.....trying to tack on an unwarranted sequel might be more work than it's worth.....So any rumor of story trouble might be a "told you so" moment.... ... Full Review
| Nov 10, 2009
this isn't a terrible film by any means.....your enjoyment depends A LOT on how much you liked the film and how interested you are in cars..... ... Full Review
| Nov 10, 2009
DVD Talk
but it's still a really good want out of the film, fair enough, the film can still definitely be enjoyed as a masterpiece of modern animation.....The race sequences in particular are exciting and beautiful and chaotic and incredible all at the same time....if this is Pixar-light in a lot of ways, the picture is still a good bit of fun, particularly.... ... Full Review
| Sep 10, 2009
" Cars " is without a doubt my least favorite Pixar movie....Already it sounds a billion times better than the simple "Doc Hollywood" rehash of the first "Cars.....Many at Pixar acknowledge that "Cars" is not their best, even.... ... Full Review
| Jul 19, 2009
The Celebrity Cafe
Owen Wilson gives a beautiful performance as Lightning McQueen.....This animated comedy will absolutely blow you away with its special effects, its vibrant characters, and brilliant story.....You will find yourself genuinely laughing and perhaps even tearing at the sweet ending..... ... Full Review


It was a family affair at the Disney/Pixar "World of Cars" party, where Tori Spelling revealed her need for speed -- and size. "I'm a big car girl," Tori says of her ideally-sized vehicle. ... Full Article

Rock supergroup THE CARS are teasing fans about a possible reunion by pos ting a photo of the bandmates working together in the studio on their Fac ebook fan page. ... Full Article

Daniel Craig seems to have been officially cast in the remake of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo . They really decided to go with an unconventional Lisbeth Salander, there. ... Full Article

The foreseeable has become inevitable: Movieline reports that Pixar Animation Studios and its parent company, Disney Pictures, have announced plans to develop a semi-sequel/spin-off to their Cars franchise for home video. ... Full Article

Life is good for Dave Faber and Faber Drive: they just ditched their old tour bus in favour of a much swankier one. "It's like a fully remodelled 2002, and it's just pimped," Faber says over the phone from a... ... Full Article

New wave pop icon GARY NUMAN is set to make up for his Coachella festival no-show by performing his most famous album in its entirety on an upcomi ng American tour. ... Full Article

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