Brokeback Mountain


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Jul 01, 2008
conservative_spiritualist -
and READ any users profile giving it anything less than a "B"; Just seeing how these particular "reviewers" grade the types of films they review is proof enough: Unless you're an "extremist" of the Christian variety, or simply too threatened by... Full review
This is too real
May 15, 2008
dacocksman -
As a guy with a wife and three kids, i can relate to the movie and how the characters felt. I have feelings towards other men but have not the courage to even attempt to be intimate with one even though... Full review
Bad reviews from people who have never reviewed
Feb 05, 2008
doezur -
It is so amazing that when I went thru the bad reviews for this movie each one has never reviewed a movie here before. This is just the religeous right homophobes trying to sku the ratings. Their reviews are not of... Full review
A must see...haunting...
Feb 05, 2008
fields145 -
I'm a straight guy and I must say this is a very good movie. It is more about relationships and infidelity than it is about homosexuality. It showed perfectly how one "traditional" marriage fell apart over the years as an untraditional... Full review
Great Movie
Feb 05, 2008
nicety2100 -
I didn't see anything about the movie that I didn't like. If you have a problem with a love story involving 2 men, then DO NOT go see it. Let's be frank, this story happens in real life, whether we like... Full review
There are so many homophobes
Feb 05, 2008
rayj_junior -
I grew up in the country and know these types of stories are true. For these people to give such bad scores to this movie and not except it for what it was(an outstanding movie) is showing there intelligence. It was... Full review
Best Movie Of 2005
Feb 05, 2008
nyccuteboy4u -
It makes no sense, except in one place in the world, the place where it started, on Brokeback Mountain in Wyoming. And though they come down from that mountain and go about their lives, they keep going back to it, over... Full review
Great film
Feb 05, 2008
quietcowpoke -
Great film. It seems the only people who have problems with the gay issue are the closeted men who are watching their own story on the screen and realizing how sad their own lives really are. I think thou protest too... Full review
No movie has ever affected me like this.
Feb 05, 2008
kissy0urmisery -
I've been trying to think of a way to write about this movie. When the credits rolled last night I was so stunned I couldn't speak. I'm still having trouble articulating myself. There are movies that give me the throat-lump; there... Full review
Cried the whole movie
Feb 05, 2008
affiliateprograms85 -
Beautiful tale of two people in love. That's it. Yes, these people happen to be two men, but we all experience love in this world, noone can deny that. For those of you that are disgusted by two men in love,... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Mar 18, 2009, NY
The Picture Considering the well-earned nomination for Best Cinematography, I was somewhat disappointed with this high-def presentation.....might have been welcome, but the poignant, universal Brokeback Mountain will likely endure for years to come as a bittersweet, non-traditional Hollywood love story.....And in the infamous shadowy tent scene, the low lighting levels take an unfortunate toll on color and detail.....there are nice bits like a fireworks display, one of the instances of respectable bass punc ... Full Review
| Mar 10, 2009
DVD Town
Brokeback Mountain" is a beautiful film about true love.....though it has been filmed over the years, it has been kept to the stereotypical imagery of a gay man.....This truly is a beautiful film....It´s not a bad film.....Now it has arrived on Blu-ray and I´m heading back to "Brokeback Mountain" to fondly celebrate a fine performance by the late Heath Ledger..... ... Full Review
| Jan 30, 2009
Universal has passed along the full disc specs and high-res cover art for Brokeback Mountain's March 10 debut on Blu-ray Disc. The release date is timed to coincide with The Oscars in anticipation of Heath Ledger possibly winning an Academy Award. ... Full Review
| Jan 18, 2009
Digital Spy
Producer James Schamus has claimed that Heath Ledger was treated like an "alienated prop" on the set of Brokeback Mountain and had a miserable time. Whatever it did, it produced an extraordinary performance. ... Full Review
| Jan 13, 2009
The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel
Still, one recent e-mailer - who did sign their name - noted about my pick of " Brokeback Mountain" to win film of the year - "It's always safe to go with the intellectually elite crowd. But "Brokeback Mountain" inspired strong reactions from both sides of the debate. ... Full Review


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