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normally happen
Nov 25, 2008
t_judiantono -
a very interesting film, it can happen to all of man or woman when meet some one and attract each other, appropriate with they chemistry, and they deed without think first what the end result will happen,just lust.... Full review
A legit 4 star movie
Mar 08, 2008
jmplays -
This one is a classic. Maybe not one of the greatest movies of all time, but not far off. Great sex scene and a cool ending.... Full review
A tight, suspenseful thriller
Feb 23, 2008
swpianist -
Body Heat HAS to be the tightest, most economical murder mystery, love story, drama, thriller ever! There is no hole in the story, no part of the tale is left to speculation or interpretation. Brilliant performances from Hurt and Turner -... Full review
The heat's real in this movie
Jun 09, 2007
perplexed74 -
This movie is well acted and directed and really releases body heat..Kathleen Turner is stunning and William Hurt and her have sparkling chemistry..Body Heat sizzles it does a lot with little ...not too many nude scenes but the heat is there.... Full review
A Decent Christmas movie
Dec 03, 2006
ingersolltim -
It's a fun movie, but not a classic...but if you like Christmas...then you will like this...there are several laugh out loud moments...... Full review
Tale of manipulation
Nov 11, 2006
tealslug -
This is a total early 80's movie, haircuts, smoking and all. Pretty good story, kind of slow. Kind of hard to understand some of the dialog. I didn't like the smoking and the haircuts or the pace. The movie gets better... Full review
Absolutely one of the best mysteries ever produced
Nov 05, 2006
aftcinc -
What else can I say? This movie has everything... atmosphere, great background music, great plot, great direction, intrigue, great acting, fabulous cast... Kathleen Turner, William Hurt, Mickey Roark, Ted Danson, Richard Crenna. And it even has wonderful background music. If you... Full review
Red Herrings Galore
Nov 05, 2006
tommyzax -
I started looking for "heat" references as soon as I began watching the video. Hot Florida, hot swing band in the ampitheatre, lots of smoking, hot Kathleen Turner. Hot, hot, hot! Was the movie hot? For most of it, I was... Full review
A Classic!
Nov 05, 2006
NewHampSwing -
Man was Kathleen Turner HOT back in THE DAY. This is a really good movie, though it is dated the central theme hits home. A good 'date movie' for the DVD at the house.... Full review
Par Excellence Film Noir
Nov 05, 2006
kilminster -
William Hurt plays Ned Racine a lawyer who is looking to score finacially.Kathleen Turner plays Matty Walker a sexy intellent woman,who knows what she wants and knows how to get it.This is one of Kathleen Turner best roles.The entire cast does... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Feb 28, 2009
James Berardinelli's Reviews
This is a sexy film -....For the leads, Kasdan pairs the laconic William Hurt and the smoldering Kathleen Turner.....The bluesy music is so evocative of the films of the '40s and '50s....This is Kasdan's homage to film noir (and belongs in a category often dubbed as "neo noir").....John Barry's lush score is equally critical..... ... Full Review
| Oct 07, 2008
DVD Talk
"They don't make 'em like they used to" may be a well-worn adage, but there's always an exception to the rule, and no finer example than Lawrence Kasdan's brilliant Body Heat can be found in the annals of film. The fact is they haven't really made 'em like Body Heat since this film's release in 1981. ... Full Review
| Oct 07, 2008
Lawrence Kasdan's lush neo noir, Body Heat , has aged well since its 1981 debut. Filled with the snappy, flirty dialogue and many charming side characters including a marvelous Ted Danson as Ned's friend Peter Lowenstein, Body Heat turns into a genuinely suspenseful thriller and a stylish remake of the noir genre. ... Full Review
| Oct 24, 2006
DVD Talk
The movie is sexually daring....Ned is an insecure lummox when put face-to-face against Richard Crenna's aggressive husband;....he had written a terrific script.....When not depicted as inherently evil, classic Film Noir femme fatales killed for love and to satisfy some basic urge to destroy;....Better than that, twenty five years later Body Heat now plays and looks better than ever.... ... Full Review
| Oct 20, 2006
DVD Town
In fact, that's one of the film's weaknesses..... ... Full Review


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