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Psychologically Scary
Jun 21, 2007
springsunnywinter -
The movie was really good and so intensively scary about a couple who moved into a new home and the woman is possessed by a ghost of the person who lived at the apartment. The whole film keeps you in... Full review
decent Indian horror film
Oct 15, 2006
TheatreX -
Bhoot is a ghost story and a story of revenge and possession. Vishal and Swati have just moved into a swank Bombay apartment on the 10th floor and Vishal has failed to tell Swati that the previous resident jumped from... Full review
Bollywood has achieved Horror
Aug 31, 2006
starstruck52 -
Til this date I have only seen two scary movie that haunted me after the credits: Candyman & Excorcist. While Candyman ended up being scary because it was the first scary movie I had seen (that too at a young... Full review
It's scary !!
Aug 24, 2006
Hurdy_Gurdy_Man -
It is definitely scary if watched on the big screen like I did . The thing that separates Bhoot from the regular Ramsay Brothers' cheesy horror flicks is that the story unfolds in a high-rise apartment in Mumbai and not... Full review
raat was better.
Apr 08, 2006
avirup03 -
Varma's raat was better than bhoot though that was a flop...dis was not! here, he got 2 use better techniques n ofcourse..there were so many actors. It was scary at parts...only bcopz of da background score by salim-suleiman. URMILA was gr8!... Full review
Bhoot is masterpiece and it really is a bhoot! Like ghosts which u rarely see, Bhoot is a bollywood production, a bollywood piece with such hight quality and standards that u rarely see!!!!RGV is great as we always knew but... Full review
Very creepy horror film.
Dec 22, 2003
HumanoidOfFlesh -
"Bhoot" is a supernatural horror movie set in urban jungle of Bombay.Vishal(Ajay Devgan),a stock analyst and his wife Swati(Urmila Matondkar)move into a new apartment.The fact that the previous occupant died jumping off from the balcony doesn't deter Vishal.He doesn't inform... Full review
The movie greatly benefits from excellent direction and the pacing is great. One is always on tenterhooks and many a times the viewer gasps or mayhaps even lets out a small scream.After a long wait, the Indian horror movie segment... Full review
A "spirited" take on the horror genre!
Jun 20, 2003
Prior to `Bhoot', I had seen only 1 ½ Ram Gopal Varma films: years ago, I'd enjoyed watching `Rangeela', a frothy confection with a delightful Aamir Khan and a newly voluptuous Urmila Matondkar (I say `newly' because until then, I... Full review
Scary one
Jun 14, 2003
sowbi -
I went to see this movie expecting to find another dumb "chaitan" story. But found that this one is actually pretty darn good, even without qualifying it as a Hindi horror film.Hindi horror films are awful. I am yet to... Full review

Critics Reviews

| May 17, 2005
India Daily
Urmila finally beats Antara in Ramgopal saga Well, Urmila has won back her eye candy Ramgopal Verma from the seductive claws of Antara Mali! ... Full Review
| Jun 20, 2003
Many of the scary bits in the movie are clich├ęs: we've seen them in countless Hollywood horror movies - but the difference is, we now get to see those stock genre conventions in an Indian movie, that's what is brilliant about it. Varma has to be admired for time and time again risking a genre movie when everybody else plays it safe with six songs and a feel-good family drama. ... Full Review

Apun ka Choice
The highlight of Bhoot is its nail biting plot and Varma's stylized cinematic presentation.....Another highlight of the movie is its duration of 1 hour 59 minutes.....Unlike other Bollywood movies, the intimacy between the couple is more mature.....And the commendable performances by its key players, propped by Varma's sleek direction, sends the shivers down the spines of the viewers..... ... Full Review

Varma has since admitted the movie is basically a remake -- with characters shifted around -- of his 1991 horror movie, "Raat," (Night) made in both Telugu and Hindi versions, but the technique on display in "Bhoot" is of a much higher order. Most of the acting honors are taken by Matondkar, who's admirably restrained as the possessed Swati, and Patekar, dryly stone-faced as the cop. ... Full Review

Rediff India
Up to this point, Varma's grip on the narrative is absolutely perfect. At that moment, Varma and his horror show had lost me. His is the soothing presence in the nerve-wracking scenes at the beginning of the film. ... Full Review


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