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Madhuri at her best
Dec 24, 1998
vamshi -
Clearly one of Madhuri's better performances. The film could have been treated better by the director though. Watch the film if you are a fan of Madhuri.... Full review
Jun 28, 2008
a complete entertainer, madhuri stealing the spotlight with her looks and performance. The film starts with raju(anil) who is motherless and he thirsts for a mother. So his dad decides to remarry but unknowingly marries a woman who is greedy for his wealth. Raju considers his mum as god and will beat up anybody who says bad about her. the mum then locks up his dad and frames him a mad man so he is out of the way. She then sends raju to the fields, throws away his education so that she can take advantge of him. At an older age raju is wealthy, the mum can only inherit the money/property untill raju gets married. Raju sees saraswati(madhuri) at a wedding and falls head of heels in love. He then looks for her again and saves her from being raped to which she takes him as her husband. On entering her home she notices the game raju's mum has been playing and finds out her true intentions of robbing their wealth. She tries to tell raju about this but he is blind and can't stand anything against his mother and he beats saraswati up. Saraswati then vows to compete with the step mother untill raju gets to find out the truth. The battle between madhuri and the mother-in-law is quality, madhuri shows her true talent here. Saraswati is educated and is always one step ahead of her sasurjee. The doctor scene absolutely cracked me up. In the end raju comes to know the truth when his mother poisons saraswati's pregnancy milk, S won't drink it so raju drinks it to prove she hasn't poisoned it. Saraswti runs to get a doctor, raju pukes up blood and is ashamed of his mother. The mother has a change of heart, she then fights with her family to protect raju and to save his wealth. There is a big fight and raju gets cured. The mother has changed and the family is the way it should be- all thanks to madhuri. a must watch for a good laugh. This film seems familiar to the hollywood 'monster in law' starring J Lo!!!

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Report Violation nikhil (1735 days ago)
it's a madhuri best performence ''abest actress''
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