Army of Darkness


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Yaitza's review
Dec 07, 2008
pitaville -
From the brilliant minds of Rob Tapert and Sam Raimi comes the third part of Evil Dead called, Army of Darkness. Starring Bruce Campbell as (Ash) with his trusty boomstick and chainsaw for a hand, this witty film will just have... Full review
Aug 19, 2008
predalien453 -
I really wanted to like this movie, but had a tough time processing the movie and if it was terrible or if it was the best in the series. This film is extremely obvious, cheesy, and nothing surprising. There was literally... Full review
ash kicks ass
Jul 23, 2008
christopher_motter -
best movie of alltime must see to appcheate ash kicks ass i wish they would make another with bruce campbell... Full review
This is my Boomstick!
Jun 20, 2008
chamtcjf -
This is a classic movie. There are so many great one-liners in it. Not for everyone but still a great movie.... Full review
Fun, campy movie
May 23, 2008
jacksonkennethl -
Yes, I know this isn't an Oscar caliber film. This would never have been given a first, much less a second look by the academy members. Pushing that aside, this is one of the greatest movies ever made, if you are... Full review
army of darkness
May 21, 2008
jimmyaxman -
i love to hate this movie . awful but some big laugh............... im only writing this part cause of the 30 word minimum yada yadayada yada yada yada yada yada yada yada... Full review
Ivangard and friends the movie
May 18, 2008
heller_ivangard -
This is an army of darkness.One afternoon the ivangard and fiends went to the honey honey's neighborhood.And oh no is an Evil Family.The Evil Family will fetch to classmate.And send the classmate into the other country.Let's Begin.... Full review
Not as good as Evil Dead II but good quirky fun!
May 07, 2008
samuraifa451 -
It's hard to really put Army of Darkness in the genre horror because it honestly isn't one. If anything, it's really an action comedy. The good news is for Evil Dead fans (or anybody that enjoys Sam Raimi movies) this one's... Full review
evil dead rules
Feb 15, 2008
nicholls805 -
this is a great film with fantastic one liners from the hero ash. his off fighting the evil in medievel times with his trusty boomstick and chainsaw. this is one cult film to remember as it gives us the definitive lead... Full review
Awesome movie. Bruce campbell does it again.
Dec 27, 2007
dean6956 -
This movie is excellent. worth picking up on dvd. It takes place right after Evil Dead 2, when he is time warped into medieval times, and the one liners and action sequence are top notch. My favorite line by Bruce Campbell... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Oct 26, 2009, NY
The Picture Bruce Campbell makes this film a lot of fun.....The director doesn't always need shock value to be entertaining;....Final Thoughts Army of Darkness in a fun, frantic adventure.....It sure is fun, though --....Because like the other two Evil Dead movies, Army of Darkness is not very believable..... ... Full Review
| Feb 13, 2009
We don't have any cover art images for these new releases, but we'll update this story as soon as we have the artwork. You can bring one of the most beloved horror cult classics home on DVD and Blu-ray in a brand new edition. ... Full Review
| Nov 04, 2007
That was certainly a great film, but I have an affinity for time-travel, and found this film to be as good, if not better. The makeup and horror was superb, but Bruce Campbell was just so funny in a land where he stood out like a sore thumb, I could not help but enjoy myself immensely. ... Full Review
| Sep 01, 2007
Make no mistake; Army of Darkness is a horrible movie - that's why it's so much fun. You can't plan on making a movie so egregiously bad that it's funny, and when people do it's really pathetic. ... Full Review
| Mar 08, 2007
iF Magazine
some other equally good writer.... ... Full Review


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Report Violation uday (1063 days ago)
nice horrible movie some other equally good writer
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