And Then There Were None


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User Reviews

Not Just Who Did It, But Who Will Survive?
May 29, 2007
bkoganbing -
Ten disparate people including a husband and wife butler and maid team have been employed and gathered on an island with a large mansion. During dinner as per instructions a record is played accusing each of the guests of the... Full review
Improves With Each Viewing
Mar 24, 2006
ccthemovieman-1 -
Here's another movie that I never felt was anything but fair, but I kept giving it more chances and every time I did, my rating went up. It seems to get better and better with multiple viewings. One of the... Full review
The Perfect Murder Mystery?
Jan 05, 2006
theowinthrop -
I have a theory that all her life Dame Agatha Christie hoped she would plot the perfect murder case mystery. She certainly entertained the world doing so, with way over sixty novels, books of short stories, and plays, most of... Full review
Nothing But the Best
Jan 11, 2005
guidon7 -
After reading all these comments I got the urge, dug out And Then There Were None and watched it the other night. I won't repeat what has been said here so many times, only that it has to be one... Full review
The masterpiece of murder mysteries
Jul 07, 2001
Ralph Sampson -
Rene Clair's masterful direction takes Christie's classic novel up to a new dimension more suitable for cinema. Every character is perfectly realized by magnificent acting. My favorite is C. Aubrey Smith who portrays General Mandrake with a British subtlety that... Full review
Masterpiece by Rene Clair
May 29, 2001
rollo_tomaso -
Rene Clair weaves the quintessential spider web with brilliant camera work including unusual but effective angles, snappy dialogue, and magnificent performances by ten impeccably cast artists. The viewer is drawn into the anxiety, claustrophobia, terror, and resignation felt one-by-one by... Full review
This may be the best mystery ever put to film.
May 10, 2001
drivers-1 -
This may be the best mystery ever put to film. If it isn't totally true to the letter of the Christie book, it is totally true to the spirit of her writing. Ten unique individuals are lured to an old... Full review
Why quibble about the ending? I know it's not the same as the book's final scene, but since Agatha Christie herself changed it for the stage version--sensibly (because the book's ending doesn't work dramatically)--there's no reason to feel cheated. It's... Full review
The Best Christie Movie
Sep 03, 1999
Eric-62-2 -
No Agatha Christie story has ever been made into a better movie than this one. The movie has the altered ending from the book (which I'm told was changed by Christie for the stage version because let's face it. The... Full review
The Best of the Versions
May 14, 1999
Hitchcoc -
This is a dramatization of the consummate Agatha Christie book, the benchmark for the whodunit. Each of the characters is nicely portrayed by accomplished actors. The pacing, the subdued dialogue, all make this film work, even though it was felt... Full review

Critics Reviews

DVD Town
And Then There Were None" is an exciting and skillful thriller/murder mystery.....many good older films, in spite of limited audiovisual appeal, are worth more repeat viewings than many newer, fancier, but mindless creations.....And Then There Were None" is a timeless classic that deserves a place in any DVD library.....The plot of the story when it first appeared was so good, so inventive....It is a classic of mystery and suspense, later turned into a play.... ... Full Review

DVD Town
And Then There Were None" is a clever little film. Obviously, the DVD presentation of "And Then There Were None" will probably be far superior to previous videotape transfers, but that just comes with the DVD territory. ... Full Review

Cinema Laser
Barry Fitzgerald, Walter Huston, Louis Hayward, Roland Young, C. Aubrey Smith, Judith Anderson, Richard Haydn and June Duprez are on the pedigree that certifies AND THEN THERE WERE NONE as a best of breed. On the plus side, AND THEN THERE WERE NONE is somewhat DVD-ROM compliant by offering a link to its web site via the disc. ... Full Review


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