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Wow! Holy cheap, stupid movie!
May 24, 2008
WizardsGlass -
Jon Voight's accent is worse than Deniro's in Scarface, Owen Wilson didn't get enough screen time, and Jennifer Lopez should just stick to singing. Even if I had time to waste, just veggin out, I wish I hadn't wasted it on... Full review
An Oscar Worthy Performance By Suzie
May 09, 2008
The_Flesh_Eating_Vegan -
Llosa's 'Anaconda' is one of the most artistically crafted films of recent times (NOT!). The story is beautifully subtle. Basically, it's about a group of filmmakers or whatever trying to make a film in the fake rainforest but they encounter... Full review
Apr 22, 2007
terindaschroeder -
This movie was extremely dissapointing, the acting and Visuals did not mesch at all, Jon Voight plus Jennifer Lopez equals pretty crappy movie and that is what this was!!!!... Full review
Big Snake Yawn.
Feb 18, 2007
Coventry -
It's pretty damn difficult to impress even the most enthusiast and undemanding horror audiences with a 40 ft. long animatronic snake that – apart from looking silly – also screams at its victims. And yet, strangely enough, the CGI effects... Full review
Don't Waste Your Time At All!
Jan 11, 2007
mhrncar2000 -
Don't waste your time watching this movie! If you have work to do, keep doing that because you wouldn't wanna see this movie. I mean a snake thats the size of a boat? C'mon! The only good thing in the movie... Full review
You have never seen anything like this
Jan 09, 2007
mattbaxter72 -
I had been warned about this movie. Friends had told me that it was one of the worst pieces of tat ever foisted upon the movie-going public, and that its staggering ineptitude in every department made Gigli look like Citizen... Full review
The snake should have eaten everyone much earlier!
Oct 17, 2006
c_colorado -
ANACONDA is the story of a documentary film crew in a deadly chase of a cold-blooded killer. But, BLAIR WITCH this is *not.* As one might have expected, the carnage quotient is high in this slippery movie: all but three of... Full review
fast pace
Aug 18, 2006
scottyboy12122000 -
This movie is very fast pce because of it's cool action scenes and awsome special effects.I liked this movie.There re quite s few stars in this film.6his is all just my opinion though.This was not the best film but it is... Full review
Why don't people like this movie?
Aug 18, 2006
mitchell_the_furious -
Big snakes eat people whats not to like? I don't understand why the other yahoo users gave this movie such bad reveiws. I thought it was a good movie it was less plot and more eye candy but we need a... Full review
Best Creature Movie Ever
Jun 26, 2006
hosleyd2005 -
i Love this Movie It Was So Good The Acting Was great The Special Effects Were Breath Taking And Very realistic This Is One Of My Favorite Creature Movies Of All Time The Snakes Looked So Real That I Thought I... Full review

Critics Reviews

| May 31, 2009
DVD Town
He really has fun with the film, perhaps more fun than anyone else, including the audience.....Somewhere in-between lies the performance of Jon Voight, who holds his mouth in a downturned sneer of disdain throughout the film....Cube and Wilson are fun, and so is the Brit....well, "Anaconda" is just another B-movie creature-feature.....But "Jaws" was a blockbuster with powerful acting and an iconic monster, and "Anaconda" ..... ... Full Review
| Sep 04, 2008
I bring this up because while Anaconda is unquestionably bad I believe his campy, over-the-top performance is the result of his being the only cast member to realize they were making a bad movie. Eric's Bad Movies: Anaconda (1997) ... Full Review
| Sep 04, 2008
Urban Cinefile
This is a very well made film, with fabulous cinematography, tension building music and exceptional sound. And the special effects are stunning, as is Jon Voights memorable performance as the sneering, evil adventurer ... Full Review
| Jan 07, 2003
The original Anaconda was released in 1997. ... Full Review
| Sep 02, 2002
DVD Talk
The "SuperBit" DVD looks great, but the movie super-bites. Despite some questionable CGI work, when the snake is on-screen, the film is exciting, but otherwise, this is a dud. ... Full Review


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