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User Reviews

Classic movie that started it all.
Aug 07, 2008
jhaveymoviereviews -
I've seen this movie many many times and I probably watch it atleast once a year now. It is a classic and if you are a teenage boy you have atleast heard of it, and holefully you have seen it. Jason... Full review
Laugh out loud Funny!!
Jul 30, 2008
mtchll_edwards -
I started watching American Pie out of order my first taste was Band Camp and ever since I have been going back and watching them all. I thought this was truly funny without being overly crude or obnoxious. The characters are... Full review
American Pie
Jul 27, 2008
princess_kitty_sarah -
This film was so great and will always be remembered. Finger the apple pie is just crazy they did an awesome job!... Full review
Great movie, very funny and well written
Jul 13, 2008
tbone46135 -
If you do not find this movie, then you are just a prude and need to stick with animated movies such as finding nemo or Shrek. (which I liked as well).....:)... Full review
Jul 13, 2008
hot_indian_guy2003 -
Possibly the funniest movie I have ever seen, American Pie, hated by adults, adored by teens, is one helluva entertainer. The story of how 4 guys set a goal to loose their virginity before the end of their high school years... Full review
Cool Movie
Jul 02, 2008
proflication -
What a cool prom/humor movie! This was a funny movie to watch. That's why I was watching it over and over again. It made me laugh till I almost choke. Nice humor and things that happen in the movie.... Full review
Great Movie
Jun 30, 2008
emmybabe247 -
This is deffinatly probably the funniest Movie ever. Stilfer, Kevin, Jason, and Ozzys proformences are deffinatly Oscar Worthy. Sean Williams Scott, beside the fact that he is drop dead gorgous, is amazingly funny with twist of personality and more he and... Full review
it is too sexy to see hot girls boobs.
Jun 15, 2008
mikebra96 -
American Pie is the sexiest hottest movie ever. and this movie came out when i was 3 years old in 1999. Alsoit is so funny. i mostly love seeing Shanon Elizabeth boobs and others and the parties are crazy and all... Full review
dltkyjbndl ;'it
Jun 06, 2008
james_wilson622 -
best movie i evr seen in mi liv ksyyyyyyywlkfl ddiuhd uha 8t l;uhhhhhhhhhhh; slbvclkxzb ahgbvjalhafdbvlq;diok ;ksi;ugvw;u u;sr uh5;g s sdfghjkl w;rtttji ;rouiuigfd kjsfguihjn' lingyhn... Full review
Fun Times
May 26, 2008
marceypap -
This is such a fun movie, I watched it at the cinema with my mum who loves movie as much as I do and has the right sense of humour of these types of movies. We showed it to other family... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Jan 05, 2010
DVD Town
tarnishes the "American Pie" legacy that began with the classic 1999 film....They showed tits and provided mild and crude sexual humor.....That would have given this dumb sequel some credibility....It is time for another story and something fresh to carry on the torch that was started ten years ago.... ... Full Review
| Jan 03, 2009
Titled "American Pie : Book of Love" the film will have a link to the first couple of films in that it's tied to the story of that legendary how-to-bonk book that the guys found in the original movie. Universal has abandoned plans to release a new "American Pie" sequel, with original cast members, in theaters. ... Full Review
| Jan 01, 2009
Digital Spy
The original American Pie was released in 1999 and grossed around $235 million (£162.4 million) worldwide. A third sequel to the successful American Pie franchise is reportedly in development. ... Full Review
| Sep 04, 2008
Urban Cinefile
There is plenty of fun to be had and the entire cast is terrific, several of them losing their screen virginity as actors in ways they could never have imagined at drama school. At the same time, it is inventive, funny and fresh, with a bustling soundtrack that pulsates with 'today'. ... Full Review
| Sep 04, 2008
Urban Cinefile
American Pie is full of great movie moments. Presented in widescreen (16.9 enhanced, preserving the original 1.85:1 theatrical aspect), American Pie is fun entertainment with hours of special features as an added bonus. ... Full Review


Klein, 31, was also sentenced to four days he has already served in a Los Angeles jail, court officials confirmed. He also agreed to attend 18 months of alcohol education classes. ... Full Article

American Pie actor Chris Klein has been charged with drink driving, US prosecutors have said. Los Angeles city attorney spokesman Frank Mateljan said Klein faces two misdemeanour driving under the influence charges and will be arraigned on July 9. ... Full Article

A romantic wedding in Italy? Check. Private church and reception? Check. Good looking producer fianc?? Check. This would be your weekend checklist if you were Mena Suvari. ... Full Article

Los Angeles - "American Pie" actor Chris Klein was charged today with two misdemeanor DUI counts stemming from his June 16 arrest on the westbound Ventura (101) Freeway in Sherman Oaks. ... Full Article

The summer gossip doldrums don't usually start until August, when George Clooney traditionally sounds his golden horn, ordering all celebrities to the holding tanks under his Italian villa to bathe in the ab-tightening blood of virgin production assistants. ... Full Article

FOR A CHANGE, we lead with happy non-news. Han Solo is solo no more. According to, Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart were finally married yesterday in New Mexico. ... Full Article

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In the original American Pie, the scene showing Vicky saying to her man Kevin in class that she wants to have sex is followed up by her dancing in her room with a sountrack playing in the background. The scene then goes onto to Finch sitting all alone on a bench. What is the name of that song? For the life of me I cannot find it anywhere!!!!!!
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