Almost Famous


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User Reviews

Hypnotizing and Electrifying
Oct 27, 2008
aherrera616 -
This movie takes me to a time that I didn't have the pleasure of experiencing and I never came back. This movie was full of a semi-famous cast which parallels the title. Kate Hudson's performance really was the epitome of a... Full review
got it right
Aug 18, 2008
keith_eel -
Glad to see some of my kids got this time period right, Crowe, dynamic snap shot of times we all remember, but only admit after 2 drinks......killer, own it & play it when you feel uncool...... Full review
Touching and entertaining.
Aug 05, 2008
jhaveymoviereviews -
I watch a lot of movies and I have seen a lot of movies that are similar and just average, but once in a while a movie comes along that really makes an impression on me. This is one of those... Full review
Kate Hudson is amazing . This movie rocked
Jul 21, 2008
jillmarie_04 -
Best movie if you think Kate Hudson portrays the same person in all of her movies. She is the perfect "Groupie" I love the ambition of the younger kid and the bands he mentioned. Phillip Seymore Hoffman's little cameo apperance was... Full review
Jun 13, 2008
visualmenow -
This was the lamest most boring movie that i have ever seen maybe since the 25th Hour. The plot was extremely slow and poor developing. Plain and simply lame is the best way to put this wretched movie. I dont know... Full review
The Greatest Movie About Rock N Roll
Apr 04, 2008
meinsane05 -
This is the movie that shows how much music mattered in those days, how it sets you free. I was amazed when I first saw it and then did some research and found out that parts of the movie were based... Full review
cute movie
Feb 02, 2008
alliebeatbama -
I really enjoyed this movie. being a lover of rock and roll and movies i found it highly entertaining and even inspiring. it has a marvelous soundtrack! it is the story of a 15 year old boy who gets to go... Full review
Love this movie!
Oct 24, 2007
luvalwayzchristy -
This movie is brilliant. It's hilarious, but the humor is underlying. Kate Hudson is awesome and the soundtrack is amazing.... Full review
what a great film this
Jul 24, 2007
guitarbob79 -
i've seen this movie at least 40 in my life and each time i watch it i enjoy it even more. this a VERY well made movie, thats can keep you entertained through all of through I think this movie... Full review
A very moving film
Jun 06, 2007
mraction_jackson99 -
I am not a big fan of documentaries, but I loved this film from start to finish. I was surprised to find some tears flows at times during the film. It is difficult for a man to walk through the depths... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Feb 15, 2009
Hartford Courant
But mainly, I had forgotten the great exchange over the phone between the lead character William Miller and legendary rock critic Lester Bangs (brilliantly played -- big surprise -- by P.S. Hoffman). most of the great art in the world is about that very same problem ... Full Review
| Jan 26, 2009
Urban Cinefile
When filmmaker Cameron Crowe describes his latest movie, Almost Famous, as deeply personal, he's not kidding. ... Full Review
| Aug 18, 2008
Philip Seymour Hoffman is sloppily perfect as rock journo Lester Bangs;....Extra footage can often be alienating and unnecessary.... ... Full Review
| Jun 19, 2007
In Cameron Crowe's superb film Almost Famous , there's a moment when Lester Bangs (as channeled by Philip Seymour Hoffman) asks the precocious scribe William Miller what he's been listening to lately..... ... Full Review
| Jan 26, 2007
This is such a great, wonderful film that I wonder why it didn't more attention. The fictional Stillwater are a perfect 70's band, all talent and addiction, desire for fame, but not wanting to sell out, before totally selling out. ... Full Review


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I have a wish-list of obscure songs from the movies about a mile long. But, I can be pretty determined so I usually track them down sooner or later (although sometimes that's easier said than done ). ... Full Article

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