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a dark sci fi classic
Dec 04, 2008
cubstml -
This is a great, scary, dark masterpeice. This movie has sigourney weavers talent with very great but not overloaded creativity which is not a bad thing at all.... Full review
Oct 29, 2008
cosmeo77 -
Probably one of the most horrifying film in the early 80's. It has the gore, scares and the effective chills. "Alien" is an amazing piece of filmmaking, the best of the sci-fi horror genre. "It's Scary...!"... Full review
The Great Sci-Fi Horror Lives On...
Sep 16, 2008
dashrendaar -
Just one notch below its sequel "Aliens". However that being said this film ranks as possibly the greatest of Sci-Fi hoorers. Great visuals, solid acting, and a very creepy score by Jerry Goldsmith. All in all a must see.... Full review
the bomb
Jul 30, 2008
read.william39 -
you rock i loved it crics it was the best one i think in the world awsome! i thougt the guns and the gore was the the good stuff it was omg... Full review
Jul 25, 2008
jpruettstage -
test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test... Full review
Jul 16, 2008
phibsigma2 -
the only movie whereas every time you see the monster it has changed and is more deadly. sex, drugs ,and rock'em sock'em. no one should have survived.... Full review
Suspenseful Thriller
Jul 13, 2008
forgotten_glory -
The horror in this movie is not so much based around a scary looking creature as it is on suspense. The suspense in this movie was awesome and was really the only reason it was scary. If it hadn't given like,... Full review
A True Masterpiece
Jul 08, 2008
tru_blue86 -
I can't beleive that after 30 years since the movie came out, the graphics are still very good. Sigourney Weaver really delivered a great performance while the alien oozed out both gore and greatness. If you love sci/fi movies, this is... Full review
A cinema treasure
Jun 21, 2008
dogorangetexas -
Alien is unquestionably an extraordinary and marvelously made sci-fi film, that never seems or winds up failing to unstimulate us.... Full review
Definitely Worth Watching
Jun 19, 2008
ghmaster1354 -
In space, no one can hear you scream, but that doesn't mean you won't scream when you see this movie. This is a masterpiece of sci-fi films because of its brilliant acting, terrific direction, and the memorably frightning scenes.... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Dec 04, 2009
Sydney Morning Herald
a sense that there is a better movie nestled deep inside, waiting to burst forth.....In its opening sections, Alien rattles around a space freighter (the Nostromo) and introduces us to its bickering crew (John Hurt and Ian Holm among them).....It is, if you appreciate this sort of thing, a perfectly serviceable film.....The film bursts into hideous life with one of cinema's most notorious setpieces.....Alien was the film that set the visual template (grungy and industrial) for any director keen to shoot a p ... Full Review
| Aug 07, 2009
it's the very best movie ever created....Many movie lovers struggle when asked what their favorite films of all time are, but not me.....When he's finished with " Robin Hood ," Scott has to be very thoughtful about his next film....."Brave New World" is the perfect project to cut his teeth on again.....It's about the slick, stealthy monsters with two sets of jaws that lurk in the walls;.... ... Full Review
| Jun 21, 2009
Urban Cinefile
Alien is a genre film at its best:....An acting workshop isn't necessarily good cinema.....the film looks 'as good as it did 24 years ago -....there are films with great performances that simply don't work.....The special effects are awesome.... ... Full Review
| Dec 28, 2008
Weaver was the original female action star when she appeared in the first Alien movie in 1979. Weaver said: "I would definitely do another Alien film if I had a director like Ridley Scott and we had a good idea. Ridley is enthusiastic about it. ... Full Review
| Dec 28, 2008, Thailand
She said: I would definitely do another Alien film if I had a director like Ridley Scott and we had a good idea. London, December 28 (ANI): Hollywoods first female action hero Sigourney Weaver has been in talks with director Ridley Scott to reprise her role for a fifth Alien film. ... Full Review


London, Aug 18 (ANI): Sci-fi fans have chosen the metal-clad mutant race of Daleks as their favourite monsters in the galaxy. Daleks, which were first spotted in 'Doctor Who' in 1963, beat creatures from Star Trek, Lord Of The Rings... ... Full Article

Legendary director Ridley Scott helped close the first Los Angeles Times Hero Complex Film Festival in style Sunday. He screened two of his most accomplished films, Alien and Blade Runner, and in between simultaneously inspired and gave the world some... ... Full Article

In addition to being one of the most successful filmmakers of all time, Ridley Scott is a huge history buff. So it isn't a surprise that he's excited about the "Robin Hood" release on May 14. ... Full Article

Every May in the town of Cannes in the south of France, a certain tone is set by the film chosen to open the Cannes Film Festival. ... Full Article

The line-up for Cannes 2010 has been announced. Woody Allen 's You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger , Oliver Stone 's Wall Street sequel, Stephen Frears 's Gemma Arterton -led graphic novel adaptation Tamara Drewe and Mike Leigh 's... ... Full Article

Globe and Mail Update Published on Thursday, Apr. 15, 2010 2:54PM EDT Last updated on Thursday, Apr. 15, 2010 2:55PM EDT Q uebec wunderkind Xavier Dolan's second feature film, Les amours imaginaires ( Heartbeats ), has made the cut for... ... Full Article

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