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User Reviews

Two hours of my life I'll never get back
Jul 18, 2008
donobeast -
If you are the type of person who believes in making every minute count, don't waste your time on this movie. I let my wife talk me into seeing this movie for a date night. Needless to say, she doesn't get... Full review
An exceptional update of a classic
May 18, 2008
garyandtodd -
Actually, I think this is an excellent movie, and that with time critics will appreciate just how remarkable it is. First, it is a rarity in that it successfully updates an original that, while ahead of its time at its... Full review
Mar 16, 2008
unca45 -
This movie was almost done all by himself. It takes a great actor to carry a movie with 1 person and a dog.... Full review
Mar 08, 2008
dogorangetexas -
Alfie works a charm that very nicely stays throughout, with many exceptional performances and delivers an emotional grasp on life.... Full review
Lets do the time warp now!
Dec 02, 2007
Philby-3 -
Remakes are always a problem for the critic, whether or not he or she has seen the original. Here we have an American remake in 2004 of a British film made by Lewis Gilbert in 1966, itself an adaptation of... Full review
Memorable performance by Jude Law
Oct 01, 2007
jrswanny88 -
The growth in character that Alfie undergoes throughout the movie is portrayed wonderfully by Jude Law in this film. Easily his greatest performance in a film. The visuals in this film were magnificent. For me, the monologue at the end of... Full review
Sep 26, 2007
chocolat_depp609 -
This movie wasn't at all wonderful. It was boring to me and I ended up leaving the movie with my friend. I love Jude Law but I didn't particularly like this movie. There wasn't too much happening in it, so it... Full review
great film
Sep 16, 2007
alexb_280 -
i love this movie, jude law is a great actor, he is so beautiful, i love you're the best....... Full review
oh my gosh
Jul 04, 2007
cherrygurl95 -
That movie is amazing and Jude Law is very hot and the movie is a big hit to us and that is five star material to everyone that has watched the movie and that it has amazed anyone and everyone... Full review
Good Acting
Jun 22, 2007
wvelvel -
Jude Law's acting in this film is great, along with the supporting cast. This isn't a "warm and fuzzy" film, but more of true life and the reality behind it. This film had us laughing many times! Alphie is a winner!... Full review

Critics Reviews

| May 23, 2009
Urban Cinefile
I enjoyed meeting Alfie again.....He is Alfie, that cocky, handsome devil, whose life philosophy is women and women.....His Alfie is flirtatious, dashing, cheeky and in a word -....And while it's hard to replicate the pathos of the original, the very handsome Jude Law makes the remake eminently watchable..... ... Full Review
| Feb 19, 2009
Urban Cinefile
I enjoyed meeting Alfie again. Hence, when Alfie gets his comeuppance, we don't feel for him as much as we would like. And while it's hard to replicate the pathos of the original, the very handsome Jude Law makes the remake eminently watchable. ... Full Review
| Nov 20, 2008
The thing about Jude Law is that he is so unbelievably beautiful. s easy to overlook the undeniable acting chops that are greater even than the sum of his more ephemeral gifts. ... Full Review
| Aug 01, 2008
Boxoffice Magazine
Alfie" was a scandalous film that tackled a number of edgy subjects that only began with the issue of sexual promiscuity: Marital infidelity, illegitimate offspring and even abortion were all in play, none of which are considered particularly edgy today. ... Full Review
| Jan 06, 2008
Otherwise, "Alfie's" nothing to get excited over. Feel so-so about Law and the movie falls flat on its face. Marisa Tomei is adorable as the single mom who only puts up with so much before she gives Alfie the boot. ... Full Review


Ever dream of bumping into Kellan Lutz at Costco while he's buying a bulk bag of Runts?Grabbing a "Can't Hardly Wait" DVD at the store, only to find Peter Facinelli reaching for the same one? ... Full Article

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Report Violation aura (1476 days ago)
jude Law is totally hot!! i wish I could be her girlfriend someday!! love him so much!!
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