Akeelah and the Bee


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User Reviews

Jan 03, 2009
dacatwalk88 - yahoo.com
The movie was kind of boring, but I thought that the meaning was very close to heart. It is like what I said opinionated.... Full review
Dec 17, 2008
slater.paige - yahoo.com
1 word 1 meaning awsome . i mean it shows how hard a real life spelling bee can be it is hard i've been in one mysef... Full review
gokul Great family movie.
Nov 24, 2008
I didnt know what to expect from this movie, starting with the quirky title. But now, all I can say is WOW! What an amazing movie. The girl who portrays Akeelah is phenomenal. And Laurence Fishburne takes a break from the tough-guys he usually portrays, to give a genunie, realistic and heartfelt performance. I have always been a sucker for "competition" movies, which culminate in some kind of sporting or other competitive event. Akeelah is that kind of movie, but so much more than that - it teaches the virtues of hard work, never losing faith in yourself, the value of friends and family, all in a highly entertaining, non-preachy way. The climactic Bee competition is tense and very well done. Two thumbs up!
My 6 year old son
Aug 06, 2008
raychellejns - yahoo.com
My 6 year-old son loved her in akeelah and the bee and i but the movie for him when i brought the movie home we watched the movie 5 times that night she very pretty young lady i want her to... Full review
Akeelah and The Bee Review
Jul 26, 2008
mmayfield - yahoo.com
This was an excellent movie. This movie was wonderful, and the story was perfectley told. It showed how a young girl took her dream of spelling to the next level, and she ended up winnng the biggest prizes in spelling and... Full review
A great FAMILY film.
Jul 14, 2008
przprs - yahoo.com
This movie was WONDERFUL! I was glad that I could take both of my children (who are 4 years apart) and they BOTH enjoy the movie. It was a great demonstration of hard work persevering and coming out on top. I... Full review
Feel Good
Jul 14, 2008
nicee96 - yahoo.com
I really enjoyed this film. I understand where the story was trying to come from. Most films of the Black community don't show us in a good light. They are usually one dementional. This film is about a family, its dynamics... Full review
Jul 14, 2008
baylynx1 - yahoo.com
I went to see this film today with very little information and expecting an average and unspectacular movie experience. I was totally captivated by the film depicting Akeelah (Keke Palmer), a precocious 11 year old black girl living in a South... Full review
Must see movie
Jul 14, 2008
jarmstr3 - yahoo.com
I really didn't think I would like this movie from the description, but must admit was certainly the best movie I have seen so far this year. Excellent feel-good movie with realistic acting and fun characters that we can all relate... Full review
Well worth the visit
Jul 14, 2008
phred1999 - yahoo.com
Expected an overdone Rocky type movie with a poor black girl triumphing over "whitey" at the end. Got a very pleasant suprise. Still the same story type, but the acting was great, the story believable and the young lady will get... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Dec 16, 2008
3 Black Chicks
This movie is uplifting and inspirational and quite frankly long overdue. Akeelah (and Keke) is a smart and funny girl. I loved so many messages that were in this movie. ... Full Review
| Mar 11, 2008
The best thing about this fairy tale is that its happily-ever-after ending is satisfyingly real world. In addition to the thrilling story, masterful performances, and impeccable technical authenticity, it is a heartening story of the triumph of smart... ... Full Review
| Jul 13, 2007
The movie is unpretentious and has effectively uplifted my spirits. Akeelah and the Bee is one of a few movies that Hollywood has spewed to be family-friendly. Unfortunately and fortunately, her principal (Curtis Armstrong ... Full Review
| Sep 21, 2006
Box Office Mojo
Fishburne is also billed as a producer-this wonderful picture became possible, driven by Atchison....now there is no excuse to miss this invigorating story.....These two great actors float on their lines in this demanding, poignant and humorous slice of black urban life.....It's a good choice for both actors, who favor quality work that does not debase the human spirit..... ... Full Review
| Aug 29, 2006
ABC News
Common Sense Media Review Intelligent and charming, AKEELAH AND THE BEE traces the delicate, courageous process of a little girl's growing up. In large part, the film's delights have to do with Palmer's winning performance, most apparent in one-on-one scenes with Tanya or Larabee. ... Full Review


By Doris Toumarkine For movie details, please click here . Writer-director Doug Atchison's delightful Akeelah and the Bee has all the makings of a solid family hit that will also work for adults on their own. ... Full Article

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