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My favorite movie ever
Oct 10, 2009
Oceans17 -
For me, this movie has everything or, at least, tells everything about human nature: intellectual curiosity, love feelings, forgiveness, violence, political and religious oppression. All of them (and their complex interrelations) convincingly portrayed in the context of a historical turning point,... Full review
A true masterpiece
Oct 09, 2009
luisgmnz -
I think Amenabar is one of the most intelligent film directors in our time. He could have done any movie he wished, but he choosed this story. He told the story he wanted to tell and the way he wanted. Everything... Full review
Atheists of all the world unite!
Sep 23, 2009
islander-14 -
I watched Agora at its Malta premiere. And I liked it. I have to declare an interest: two actually. One is that however dispassionate one tries to be about a film that one is connected with even in the remotest of... Full review
I will not deny the fact that Alejandro Amenábar is one of my favorite directors at the moment. With the eerily creepy The Others and the emotionally wrought Mar adentro, how could he not be? And why have I not seen... Full review
Great re-enactment of 4th century Alexandria
Sep 17, 2009
Greg Magne -
AGORA brings 4th century Alexandria back to life with some expensive, elaborate sets combined with a bit of CGI where necessary. Other than a couple of alterations to historical facts, such as the manner and location of Hypatia's death and the... Full review
A story that must be told
Sep 15, 2009
harmonyca -
watched that film in the Toronto Film Festival; I have to say that it is an important story that was never told before. Overall, the movie was good, acting is excellent, and they successfully recreated the city of Alexandria and it... Full review
Extraordinary movie-making at its best.
May 27, 2009
vnsfth -
Alejandro Amenábar's masterpiece is a breathtaking excursion into religious fascism and misogynistic tyranny made special by Rachel Weisz, who probably give one of the best female acting performances in years as a scientist who was light years beyond her generation. Weisz... Full review
Muddled film that has its sights set high in the right course but lacks focus and a direct script that can handle the subject matter. Alejandro Amenábar tries his best but comes up short in many ways with his narrative. The... Full review
An angry and empowering feminist fable that all women need to see.
May 26, 2009
theladywithbrains -
I was a guest at a screening of this movie at Cannes and it's just fantastic. It's an angry yet empowering feminist fable that that has a powerhouse performance from Rachel Weisz that is captivating and haunting all at the same... Full review
Way too long
May 25, 2009
julesfromny -
Saw Agora at Cannes and it didn't do it for me. The movie is at least 45 minutes too long, and i'm afraid that what should be edited out are most of the scenes with Rachel Weisz trying to solve the... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Jul 30, 2010
The Denver Post
Agora" nonetheless leaves you with a peculiar sensation of having spent a couple of hours with an epic-worthy woman, played by a superb actress -....The echo can be heard, and the director was right to intimate the comparison rather than hammer it..... ... Full Review
| Jul 24, 2010
The Miami Herald
Agora" nonetheless leaves you with a peculiar sensation of having spent a couple of hours with an epic-worthy woman, played by a superb actress -....The echo can be heard, and the director was right to intimate the comparison rather than hammer it..... ... Full Review
| Jul 23, 2010
San Francisco Chronicle
Agora" resonates too, but on the strength of the subject more than the execution.....Among his cinematic tools, the director often chooses sweeping Google Earth-style shots from outer space -.... ... Full Review
| Jul 22, 2010
There are memorable moments....perpetually searching scholar and Ashraf Barhom ("The Kingdom") is charismatic and menacing as a zealot..... ... Full Review
| Jun 10, 2010
Jam! Movies
Agora' lacks a embraces Hypatia's story as a metaphor for the brutish victory of religious Fundamentalism....Considering the passions in play, Agora is strangely languid..... ... Full Review


MICHAEL PHILLIPS, CHICAGO TRIBUNE: ** "The script ... combines, rather uneasily, the philosophical and scientific debates of Brecht's 'Galileo' with any half-dozen toga-and-sandal epics you can name. ... ... Full Article

It seems Santayana was correct: We didn't learn our history, and now we're doomed to repeat it. Rachel Weisz plays the philosopher and mathematician Hypatia, considered one of the smartest gals of the ancient world. ... Full Article

AGORA 2 1/2 Rachel Weisz stars as the philosopher/astronomer Hypatia in this vivid historical drama set in Roman Egypt of the late 4th century, where religious tumult and ideological zealotry ruled. ... Full Article

He may well be the closest thing we have to a modern Alfred Hitchcock, with one major exception: The female characters he creates are strong, sexy and ultimately superior to their male counterparts -- but they aren't made of ice. ... Full Article

Starring Rachel Weisz, Max Minghella and Oscar Isaac. Directed by Alejandro Amen?bar. 126 minutes. At the Cumberland. PG A woman who saw the future in the stars and planets, and paid with her life for choosing reason over religion, the... ... Full Article

It's all too rare when a film really impacts you. I'm not referring to some tears or laughter, but when a film rips inside your skin and grabs your core. ... Full Article

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