A Walk to Remember


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User Reviews

Very Good!
Jan 18, 2009
bebobaby96 - yahoo.com
sad, happy, like, the greatest love story ever, but the only thing that could bring this movie down would be the cussing..... Full review
I love this movie!!!
Jan 12, 2009
kcroxs101 - yahoo.com
I saw this movie when it first came out and I knew after watching it this was my all time favorite movie! around 6 or 7 years later i still feel the same way! this is a romantic, sweet, sad and... Full review
Awesome Movie ^^
Jan 09, 2009
natalie_knocknoc - yahoo.com
A passionate, smooth, and unforgettable movie. An 18 year old discovers true love with the one person he never thought he would. A Walk to Remember is one of my favorite all time movies.... Full review
mandi moore & shane west
Dec 14, 2008
crossvilleangel - yahoo.com
a walk to remember is one of the best movies i've seen. i watch it every night its the kind of movie you don't get tired of... Full review
Not what I expected at all...
Nov 19, 2008
kevpernod - yahoo.com
I went into this expecting the same old teen movie experience. Bad boy breaks the law and meets the good girl who changes him. I saw something special in this movie that I rarely see in a Hollywood flick these days.... Full review
Beautiful and Inspirational
Nov 16, 2008
comptechceo - yahoo.com
Honestly I am shocked that this movie got the grade it did from critics...it's kind of sad what these "professionals" regard as a good movie. Now moving on to the movie...it was beautiful it was poignant and showed the world what... Full review
Because Of Love
Nov 07, 2008
ihopeinside - yahoo.com
wow! i gotta say this is a great romantic film!
Oct 25, 2008
abercrombieobsession3 - yahoo.com
I just got into romantic movies and i think this romantic movie is one of the best ones out there. The story line is amazing i like the idea how they started off with a troubled guy who his principle put... Full review
awsome movie!
Sep 05, 2008
luke.lippig - yahoo.com
I absoluly love this movie! Ive seen it many many times and have enjoyed it every single time. The acting was good, the music was angelic and the plot kept me fasinated.... Full review
sweet and romantic
Aug 31, 2008
pm_adry - yahoo.com
every time i saw it i cried and couldn't stop. it's so moving and tender and i love it. west is so cute and moore is the right leading-lady. the best for the best... Full review

Critics Reviews

| Apr 15, 2009
A Walk to Remember: Favorite Movie Review....it is the simplicity of the story and the depth of the acting that make this movie a favorite.....Mandy Moore, the pop singer, pulls off a stunning performance as Jamie Sullivan, an over protected daughter of the town's pastor..... ... Full Review
| Apr 15, 2009
A Walk to Remember : Favorite Movie Review....it is the simplicity of the story and the depth of the acting that make this movie a favorite..... ... Full Review
| Sep 04, 2008
Urban Cinefile
- the movie deserves a better one Poignant and moving, A Walk to Remember is an inspirational love story, capturing the innocence and idealism of that first encounter. Don't be put off by the dreadful title (from Nicholas Spark's novel ... Full Review
| Jul 17, 2006
Cinema Blend
It is the perfect romance movie. I love the song that jamie sings in the movie hope. I love the movie a walk to remember. ... Full Review
| Sep 14, 2003
DVD Town
This could´ve made for an interesting thirty-minute short film, but at ninety-three minutes, "All I Want" is filled with mostly empty space. FIRST PUBLISHED Sep 14, 2003 I´m a big Mandy Moore fan, and I was surprised by how good she was in both "The Princess Diaries" and "A Walk to Remember". ... Full Review


Thursday's Grey's Anatomy finale was killer - literally and figuratively ... Caution: spoilers ahead. It started like any other shift - critical patients, wisecracks, lovers' quarrels (even another guest star , Mandy Moore , did her best sick-girl impersonation since... ... Full Article

The 17-year-old starlet runs through a gamut of emotions from anger and love to sorrow and joy. She romps on a beach, has a mud fight, saves baby sea-turtles, smooches with a guy and models any number of gowns, even... ... Full Article

LOS ANGELES - Nicholas Sparks has no love for people who call his stories "romances." The mega-best-selling author of "The Notebook," "A Walk to Remember," "Nights in Rodanthe," "Dear John" and "Message in a Bottle" stands in the aisle of... ... Full Article

Ryan Kavanaugh's Relativity Media has acquired feature rights to Nicholas Sparks' upcoming novel "Safe Haven," reports Variety . The company has set up the project with Marty Bowen and Wyck Godfrey of Temple Hill Entertainment, who will produce along with... ... Full Article

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