A Nightmare on Elm Street


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User Reviews

One of the best horror movie ever
Jan 22, 2009
lilwill597 - yahoo.com
This movie is definitely the best Nightmare on elm street movie that i have seen. I like this movie alot i thought Johnny Depp did really good as glen and he's one of my favorite actors. I've seen the first four... Full review
Pretty Good
Jan 06, 2009
bigshialabeouffan - yahoo.com
This movie is pretty good, but it's not the best Wes Craven movie ever. The story is very new and smart. The acting is pretty decent. The direction is memorable and Wes Craven is great, as always. The visuals are realistic.... Full review
this was a great horror movie
Sep 24, 2008
angie321962002 - yahoo.com
this is one of my favorite horror movies all time it will be hard to take number 1 over this movie. it had me at the end of my set i remember i was 18 years old. nothing has beat this... Full review
Super Creepy
Jul 24, 2008
geraceboys - yahoo.com
I had to see the Movie so i saw it and they were right I did have a Nightmare but it turn out to be a really good movie... Full review
best series ever!!
Jul 10, 2008
cella_bruce - yahoo.com
I don't know...there is just somthing about not being safe in your own bed that really freaks me out. I love the character Freddy Krueger and the amount of fear that he can conjure up at a simple glance. His laugh... Full review
i think this movie rocks
May 21, 2008
williamseanmommy - yahoo.com
ok sersioulsy one word freddy krueger that is all that needs to be said lmao no anywho sorry about that but yeah just a great horror flick oldie but a goodie... Full review
My Favorite Horror Movie Ever
Mar 29, 2008
jmac33208 - yahoo.com
Freddy Krueger Rules! Robert Englund Is The Man Behind The Mask And He Rules Too! Freddy Krueger Is The Best Villain Because He Is Funny, Scary, Cool & Smart All Rolled Into One Character Unlike Other Villains. Freddy Kills People In... Full review
A Classic Slasher!
Feb 12, 2008
jordanpowell2003 - yahoo.com
Freddy Krueger is one of the best horror villians in movie history. He kills teenagers in their dreams, because their parents burned him alive. Wes Craven is one of the masters of horror and no one could have played 'Freddy' better... Full review
Night mare on Elm Street
Jan 30, 2008
brownjustlaur - yahoo.com
This movie scared the living ***** out of me as a child. However as an adult it has given me an appreciation for all things scary. This movie is about kids who are killed when a crazy guy that got burned... Full review
Dec 14, 2007
julius7us - yahoo.com
Can i say BORING. The movie was so stupid. I can not believe Freddy Krueger is so highly approved. He sucks, not funny! F,F,F,F, F stands for failure! Which apparently this movie is!... Full review

Critics Reviews

| May 20, 2010
don't deny that the first film is pretty amazing.....That doesn't make the movies bad necessarily....this documentary highlights their significance and influence....you're just a lover of horror films in general or truly a Freddy fan boy.....recognize that almost none of the films are well-made;.... ... Full Review
| May 04, 2010
The Arizona Republic
there is an undeniable low-rent, do-it-yourself charm to the movie.....Not bad for a movie that didn't need to be made in the first place.....Mostly "A Nightmare on Elm Street" is a fun movie, a guilty pleasure....While Robert Englund has a good time hamming it up in his first appearance as Freddy, some of the others are terrible..... ... Full Review
| Apr 29, 2010
featuring the screen debut of a baby-faced Johnny Depp, 1984's "A Nightmare on Elm Street" isn't only more restrained than this remake.....That film is incredibly gory.... ... Full Review
| Apr 07, 2010
Not only does the film look amazing....In most cases, the original film is always better than its sequels....For a horror fan, it's hard not to be in absolute awe of this film from beginning to end.....he is today, there was the original film that will always be a pedestal of classic horror cinema.....Take one great movie on Blu-ray and couple it with just the right amount of quality special features.... ... Full Review
| Nov 02, 2009
Ain't It Cool Movie Reviews
Nightmare is close to being a good film.......I'm not a struggling film critic, film student....It's like they watched a bunch of great horror films for inspiration.......and these flashbacks turn out to be one of the more successful parts of the film.....However, what the original had are amazing iconic and visceral scenes of horror..... ... Full Review


Freddy Krueger stood in the lobby of Lynnhaven Mall's multiplex cinema at 2 a.m. Yikes. Four claws. That hat and a shirt with red stripes. ... Full Article

A Nightmare on Elm Street It's got all the elements I like from the best of the series. The Springwood Diner feels unsettling. It's just a little bit off. ... Full Article

He looms out of the darkness, a leering monster with a ravaged face, grubby fedora hat, tattered sweater and - most frightening of all - a soiled glove with razor-sharp knives instead of fingers. ... Full Article

Rooney Mara looks exhausted, and that makes sense. Last June, the pettite actress was on the set of A Nightmare On Elm Street , then in production at a bookstore in Chicago. ... Full Article

Somewhere, Wes Craven is laughing up his sleeve, and Robert Englund is grinning. It's nice to know that you're irreplaceable. The filmmaker and actor who made 1984's A Nightmare on Elm Street into a modern horror classic have nothing to... ... Full Article

The only things Hollywood likes as much as sequels are remakes -- and no genre is better suited to constant reincarnation than the horror film. ... Full Article

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