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User Reviews

he loved it
Nov 03, 2008
hawaiisurfingchick_87 - yahoo.com
When my newphe was going through his cowboy phase he would watch this everyday. He loved it so much. It grew on me. I babysit him. I use to be able to qoute it but now hes into another one. It... Full review
8 seconds
Feb 10, 2008
goodman826 - yahoo.com
This movie tells the story of Rodeo life very well. It is a very memorable movie and one that is very close to events that have happened in my life.... Full review
Apr 03, 2007
basketballlover46 - yahoo.com
i watched the movie eight seconds a few years ago and i love. it is a good story and i love bull riding. i wish the movie would have been more like his real life because it would have made it... Full review
The best movie ever!
Mar 18, 2007
spoiled_4eva06 - yahoo.com
This is my favorite movie of all time! It's about the true struggles of an All-American bull rider who wins big but in the process becomes someone that he doesn't really know. I would recommend this movie to anyone-it is the... Full review
How many movies does Stephen Baldwin have to ruin?
Feb 18, 2007
cowboy_at_the_falls - yahoo.com
I don't get it, I just don't get it. There are so many credible, competent, capable actors, yet they keep hiring Stephen Baldwin. And every time he mugs into the camera, another film is ruined. Remember when Martin Scorsese cast his... Full review
What a movie
Feb 06, 2007
bnewsom9716 - yahoo.com
Ever since I ws little I have been around rodeo and around bull riding and barrel racing. I've learned alot of things as I have grown up with these events in my live. Thought I had lost myelf and sedlom remember... Full review
ya'll know what??
Jan 21, 2007
chelle_tims08 - yahoo.com
i live in hugo where lane frost was buried but, i also work at a building that is named after him and sort of met his mom but newayz back to the movie the movie was so great i could watch... Full review
8 Seconds Review
Nov 02, 2006
johnrehaklover_09 - yahoo.com
I thought 8 Seconds was one of the best cowboy movies i have ever seen. I cried througout most of it... Full review
My 1st best movie
Sep 15, 2006
shelliwhaler - yahoo.com
8 Seconds is a really good movie sometimes brings tears to your eyes.I've always wanted to ride bulls and be on them more than 8 seconds and i know that i could if i follow my dreams.... Full review
Sep 09, 2005
basketball_gurl1416 - yahoo.com
Going back and remembering watching this movie when I was little and remember that one of my daddy's best friends was a good friend with Lane and was there when it happend makes this movie very specail to all of my... Full review

Critics Reviews

| May 24, 2009
he rode him 4 times.The movie is really good....If you like rodeo it is a great movie.....has some good stunts performed by professional bull riders..... ... Full Review
| Jan 19, 1999
Awesome movie, Watch it, you may like.....It's my favorite movie of all time!....Great movie, It was very close to home to me.....This is probably my favorite movie of all times....... ... Full Review

Chicago Sun-Times
If the marriage material in "Eight Seconds" is well done, oddly enough it's the rodeo footage that needs improvement. The story of the marriage is actually the best and most original thing in "Eight Seconds. ... Full Review


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