• Date of Birth: 24 June, 1966
  • Place of Birth: Madras, Tamil Nadu , India
  • Biography: Source:



Loyalty and gratitude is something that seems to be miles away from the former actress Vijayashanti, atleast that's the feeling many got after watching her statements on the TV channels. ... Full Article

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Report Violation RAMESH (763 days ago)
VIJAYASHANTHI IS most BEATIFUL women in teiugu film. she is longstanding heroine in telugu film. she is a legend for present and coming heroines.
Report Violation kishore (763 days ago)
she very great women in industry, she is a legend for todays heroines, wether she married or not don't no to some body? if she married her family and her children photos plese keep in his biography
Report Violation Sati (1179 days ago)
Deni sallu keka balakrishna anna denivi enni sarlu vatado..
Report Violation thaman (1205 days ago)
waste women in the world
Report Violation ardent fan (1337 days ago)
false information....!!! she was borne in warangle( Telangana) A.P
Report Violation ANU (1384 days ago)
i hate her any body hate her,because she wants sepearate to telangana from andhra pradesh due cheap cheap intentions.she is a greedy women. if she had a real intention to serve the poor then she could have fight against the system not thinking to sepearate
Report Violation shanthi yadav (1391 days ago)
she is leagend in tollywod
Report Violation domaind (1617 days ago)
is she married or not can anyone answer this question???????????????????????????????????
Report Violation Sridhara (1727 days ago)
There is no telugu filmography of Vijayashanthi
Showing comments 1 - 9 of 9         Page: [1]

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