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  • Date of Birth: 03 August, 1963
  • Place of Birth: Halton Hills, Ontario, Canada
  • Biography: Mike Holmes (born 3 August 1963) is a Canadian professional contractor best known for his television show Holmes on Homes where he rescues homeowners from renovations gone wrong.

    Early Life

    Mike Holmes learned his craft from his father, who started teaching him construction work (ie. electrical, plumbing) when he was... Read more


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Report Violation opaulus (441 days ago)
Mike, you are a few a good men left in this world and inspiring hopefully you men to follow your steps. Our homes are not about making money to increase a contractor's wallet but rather should be in helping each family live a safe life in their homes. Sometimes when I watch your show I wish I could be one of your volunteers making it right. I hope you take care of yourself and stay with us for many years to come. Love You Mike and bless you for being one of the good guys. It is really an honor to watch your shows and I hope you come up with new ones.
Report Violation larry joy (1137 days ago)
does anybody know if this man holds any tickets for any hting or is he just a glory seeker
Report Violation Randy (1145 days ago)
Mike - when insulating a basement is it advisable to leave the bottom 17 inches without insulation. If so why??
Report Violation Tere Young (1164 days ago)
How do I get a message to Mike for feedback? I have a vaulted ceiling and every year I get ice dams. I have replaced the roof shingles twice. I've heard that I need to fill the space in the vaults totally. If this is correct, is there a way that is less expensive than taking the whole roof off to spray with foam or remove the ceiling sheet rock to foam in the space? Help. Can't afford much more attempts to solve this problem.
Report Violation David (1175 days ago)
Little do most viewers know that Mike graduated from medical school and trained as a surgeon. Unfortunately, when operating on his first patient (appendicitis), he decided that the patient was put together rather badly and he decided "take it all out" and "do it over". Regrettably, after he ripped out the liver, bladder, and intestines. the patient expired and he never operated again.
Report Violation Barb (1202 days ago)
Mike, Love your show.....wish you could come to Ohio. I want to take a sledge hammer to this kitchen, and bathroom!
Report Violation afghi420 (1262 days ago)
Think, Mike has made himself a millionaire by just being honest, it's so rare a concept in his field. I wonder if he does alot of apprenticeships for students, he would be great to learn under.
Report Violation shirley (1292 days ago)
Love ya Mike I make notes each time I watch your show.Never know when you might need some of this info.Thanks for being there to help us all not get taken by less that professioals
Report Violation boopie (1292 days ago)
Mike is super sexy in his overalls with his big sexy muscles, but his passion for his work is what makes him most attractive.
Report Violation faberkay (1295 days ago)
I love the show. I have learned so much from watching it. Mike & his crew always are so commited to making wrongs,right. It's refreshing to see.
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