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  • Biography: Matt Passmore is an Australian actor. After graduating from NIDA in 2001, Passmore began his career on the children's television series Play School from 2002. In 2003, Passmore appeared in the film Son of the Mask and had a several-episode role as the handicapped, trauma-suffering husband of Susie Raynor on... Read more


Series premiere tonight at 10 on A & E. Dwight Schrute's cuter brother solves murders in Florida. Oh, it just seems like someone who could be the sibling of the "The Office's" abrasive beet farmer has relocated to "The Glades,"... ... Full Article

Premiered on A&E Sunday, 10 ET/PT Premise: Savvy Chicago detective Jim Longworth (Matt Passmore) moves to the fictional town of Palm Glade after wrongly being accused of sleeping with a superior's wife. ... Full Article

The cop is a little too snarky, the nurse is a little too cavalier and the 16-year-old doesn't look a day under 21. That said, A&E's new Florida police drama, " The Glades ," still has some juice. ... Full Article

It's a morning of mediocrity in my apartment. On my TV, I'm watching Germany and Uruguay compete for the desultory honor of being this World Cup's third best nation. ... Full Article

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